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the definition of misfit is a person whose behavior or attitude sets them apart from others in a conspicuous way. 


i basically hangout with my clients for a selected period of time and talk with them, joke, dance, and capture little intimate moments.

i want to create memories. i want to create real emotions. i want to create a truth. as a photographer, i strive to give my clients the true emotion they are feeling at the moment. honesty is something this world is lacking, and as an artist, it is my duty to tell the truth. the moment my finger hits the shutter, it is capturing a true moment in time, whether it is fear, love, sadness, or art- why would you capture a fake moment? i want to bring a nostalgic feeling to my clients. i want their photos to stand apart, like a misfit.​

i am a crazy cat lady who loves a good glass of blackberry wine while catching up on my favorite shows with my one and only.

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